The expected schoolwide learning results (ESLRs) form the basis for curricular standards, teaching processes, instructional competencies, and evaluation of learning at St. Albans. Our students learn to communicate effectively, solve problems, work cooperatively, learn independently, experience enrichment activities, and demonstrate respect for self and others through activities in the classroom and on the playground. The ESLR’s are integrated throughout the curriculum as part of instruction and assessment of skills. St. Albans utilizes critical thinking strategies to enhance learning for all of our students and to develop independent thinkers and learners. Lessons and activities provide opportunities for our students to develop critical thinking skills across all subjects. Problem solving skills are taught in group situations to foster cooperative learning and then expanded to an individualized skill as students mature and grow.


Students will:

1. Communicate Effectively.
Students will learn to communicate effectively through reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

2. Solve Problems.
Students will become effective problem solvers by using creative and critical thinking skills.

3. Work Cooperatively.
Students will work together to show that they can effectively collaborate to acheive learning outcomes.

4. Learn Independently.
Students will become independent learners by developing study skills to help them gather information, perform tasks, and solve problems. 

5. Experience Enrichment Activities.
Students will participate in a variety of activities that will broaden their experiences at school.

6. Demonstrate respect for self and others.
Students will treat all people with respect, demonstrating integrity and acting with kindness towards others in words and actions.