Executive Board

St. Albans’ main governing body is the Executive Board. The Executive Board is comprised of parents who volunteer their time and their primary responsibilities include the fiduciary integrity of the school, the formation and implementation of the master plan, and the hiring and support of the Head of School. They also approve the school budget, establish tuition and fees, approve all major repairs and purchases, and allocate the necessary funds to make sure that the Head of School and faculty have the needed resources to deliver all aspects of the top-notch curriculum. The Executive Board meets at least once a month and the following is a list of current Board Members:

Deirdre Lefty- President

Carolina Alvayay- Vice President

Randy Ow - Secretary

Anna Riolo Freddi– Treasurer

Patrick Cronican - Director

Cory Irish- Director

Reza Sepehrdad- Director

Laura Bernauer - Head of School

Angie Tennison- Assistant Head of School