Associated Costs

Tuition and Fee Schedule 2024- 2025

Registration Fee: (nonrefundable)
Previously enrolled, early (by February 14) $350.00

Previously enrolled, late (after February 14) $700.00 New enrollment $375.00

Building/Maintenance Assessment: (nonrefundable)
A one-time fee per student, payable within first year $1,500.00 of enrollment. Optional payment plans are available.

Facilities Maintenance Fee: (nonrefundable)
Per student every year $400.00


Contract Service Fee: (nonrefundable) A mandated fee is charged per family for servicing all payment plans, except the annual plan. However, if a payment is more than 60 days late, the plan that was selected will revert to the monthly plan. In this event, the applicable contract service will be added, but will not exceed $255.

  • Monthly Payment Plan $255
  • Quarterly Payment Plan $205
  • Semi-annual Payment Plan $125
  • Annual Payment Plan $25

St. Albans has a Parent Participation Program which is designed to encourage parent involvement. Each family is required to earn 35 points per year (single parent families 17.5 points). There will be a $100 charge for each point not earned. Families will be billed in May for points not earned. Each family will also be asked to earn one credit for their class-specific duty, which may include supplying desserts, set-up, clean-up, and/or staff various school events throughout the year. These assignments are made on a grade level basis. If a family does not complete their class-specific duties, they will be charged $250. If you have more than one child you are responsible for completing the class-specific duty for each child, or you will be billed for each duty not completed.

Families will be assessed for damage to school property (including books) if damage is proven to have been done by their child.

Tuition Schedule:


Annual/ Monthly

Annual/ Monthly

Grade 1 – 4

Grade 5 – 8 Annual/ Monthly

1st child tuition





2nd child tuition





3rd child tuition





4th child tuition





For your convenience, you may choose from the annual plan, semi-annual plan, quarterly plan, or the monthly plan. For all plans, except the annual plan, one month of tuition is due and payable on May 18, 2024 along with the contract service fee, both of which are non-refundable.

Annual Plan: Entire tuition due May 18, 2024.

Semi-annual Plan: Half of the tuition due May 18, 2024 and the remaining balance due November 18, 2024.

Quarterly Plan: One quarter of the tuition is due May 18, 2024, and one-quarter of remaining balance due on July 18, 2024, September 18, 2024, November 18, 2024.

Monthly Plan: Tuition due in 9 equal payments beginning May 18, 2024 and the 18th of each month thereafter in June, July, August, September, October, November, December, and January.

Enrollees after May 1st will have payment plans adjusted accordingly so that the final payment is due January 18th.

A $25 late charge will be assessed each month for balances outstanding after the 18th of the month. Reasonable attorney fees will be collected on accounts for which it is necessary to institute collection proceedings.