Parent and community involvement are key ingredients to the St. Albans school environment, and there are many opportunities available for parent participation and community support. As a result, the parents at St. Albans are highly involved, and they are an important part of their child’s education. The community offers support for student learning, and through outreach services and activities, the school’s purpose is enhanced.

Each parent is a member of the St. Albans Parent Association (SAPA). SAPA is a non-profit parent group whose main role in the school is fundraising, service, and helping with social functions and activities. Fundraising is accomplished in a variety of ways, which includes selling SCRIP, participating in the Box Tops for Education program, organizing the spring food and wine tasting gala, “Pleasures of the Palate,” and facilitating other fundraising venues such as gift-wrap sales, cookie dough sales, and the magazine drive. SAPA also oversees the Parent Participation Program, which requires that parents participate in a wide variety of services or fundraising activities of their choosing.

SAPA meetings are held monthly. Please consult the calendar for dates and times.

2023-24 SAPA Board

President – Jenny Avery
Vice President- Marilena Mehalakis
Treasurer –Livia Wijono-McClymont
Secretary – Jasdeep Chima
SCRIP/Raise Right – Maryam Seirafi
Points Assessment – Baha Winger
Room Parent Coordinator – Stacey Stephenson
Hospitality - Taylor Magaziner
New Family Mentor – Cindel Peña
Work Day Coordinator - Mike Daw
Used Uniforms: Socorro Gilbert & April Boco
Volunteer Coordinator -Margaret Schroeder